Wouldn't it be awesome to have a full Raspberry Pi based computer in your pocket?

The Raspberry Pi has revolutionized the maker community and the world of DIY computing. But once you add on all the other pieces needed to turn it into a usable computer, you usually end up with either a bunch of separate components connected with cables and wires, or a rather big and clunky box (for most integrated solutions).

What's been missing is a compact, integrated Raspberry Pi based handheld computer, comparable to a modern mobile phone.

Until now.

I've been thinking about such a device for a while, and started working on one last year. After many designs, redesigns and prototypes, Noodle Pi is finally ready to bring computing freedom to your pocket!

Say Hello to Noodle Pi

Noodle Pi integrates a Raspberry Pi Zero, a high-resolution multi-touch screen, a battery, a power management system, and a camera, all in a super compact device that's good to go anywhere.

Six components, plus connecting wires, perfectly integrated!

Noodle Pi uses the recently released Pimoroni HyperPixel 3.5" display. This is a high speed, high resolution (800x480 pixels at ~270 PPI) touchscreen display with 18-bit color (262,144 colors) and a 60 FPS frame rate.

Noodle Pi also integrates the Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2, for up to 8MP still photos, and 1080p30 / 720p60 / VGA90 video.

Noodle Pi is powered by an internal 500mAh battery. It can be charged via a regular micro-USB charging socket, and there's a red LED to provide a low battery warning.

Strong, Slim, Unibody Design

Noodle Pi's unibody shell is strong and light, with an innovative design that leverages the unique capabilities of 3D printing.

This enables Noodle Pi to pack six separate components, plus connecting wires, into a tiny 93mm x 60mm x 10mm/19mm package. Yes, part of it is only 10mm thick! (The iPhone SE, in comparison, is 7.6mm; the official Pi Zero case is 13mm).

Noodle Pi puts those extra few millimeters to good use. It provides full access to the Pi Zero's USB-OTG and Mini-HDMI ports, so it can be used both as a pocket computer and as a desktop computer. As well as in other configurations. The possibilities are endless!

Despite its super compact size, Noodle Pi is surprisingly strong and sturdy. It feels like a solid, integrated device when you hold it in your hand, not very different from a $1000 iPhone.

And, it's available in Jet Black! ;-)

Escape The Walled Garden

Unlike iOS and Android devices, which force you to develop apps in only specific programming languages in a restrictive environment, a Noodle Pi is a full GNU/Linux computer. So you can write apps for it in any language you like.

And once you've written an app for Noodle Pi, you can just release it to the world right away. No need to wait weeks or months for approval to be listed in an app store.

Noodle Pi offers a long overdue escape from the walled gardens mobile computing has been stuck in. It's the mobile device built on free software, reusable components and open platforms. The way computing was meant to be!

One More Thing: Noodle Air

Noodle Pi can be built in two configurations - either using a Pi Zero W, in which case it's a fully connected computer with WiFi and Bluetooth, or using a Pi Zero v1.3 (which doesn't have WiFi and Bluetooth).

When built using a Pi Zero v1.3, it's a Noodle Air - a mobile air-gapped PC.

Whatever you store or do on a Noodle Air effectively immune to snooping or attack over the Internet, as the device doesn't (and cannot, without external hardware) connect to any networks.

An air gap provides unbeatable security!

An air gap provides unbeatable security!

In these days of pervasive surveillance and malware, an indispensable piece of kit everyone needs is an air-gapped computer that is never connected to any networks. Noode Air is that computer.

A Noodle Air enables easy and cost-effective air-gapped security for password storage, crypto-currency cold-storage, secure backups, private notes and photos, and so on. Just be sure never to connect it to any networks, and to keep your MicroSD card physically secure at all times.

One Device, Unlimited Users

In fact, because the Noodle Pi runs entirely off the MicroSD card, a single Noodle Pi or Noodle Air can easily be securely shared by any number of people. Everyone just keeps their own private system on their own MicroSD card.

This enables libraries, schools, etc. to provide shared access to devices that many people can use without compromising privacy or security.


There are a number of accessories available for Noodle Pi:

  • Splash-Resistant Case

  • Holster

  • Noodle Key Micro - Micro Keyboard+Touchpad Dock

    Enables docking the Noodle Pi with a tiny RF keyboard and touchpad. The keyboard is readily available on Amazon and is backlit, so you can keep working in low light conditions.

    Noodle Pi with Noodle Key Micro dock and (backlit!) keyboard+touchpad.

    Noodle Pi with Noodle Key Micro dock and (backlit!) keyboard+touchpad.

    The Noodle Key Micro docked with a micro-keyboard+touchpad makes all the difference when you don't want to waste precious screen space on an on-screen keyboard, and want to work fast. Perfect for writing code or articles on your Noodle Pi, or administering servers using ssh.

    At the beach with Noodle Pi and Noodle Key Micro. It's a hard life! ;-)

    At the beach with Noodle Pi and Noodle Key Micro. It's a hard life! ;-)

    Noodle Key Micro holds the Noodle Pi secure while docked, and easily disconnects from the Noodle Pi and the keyboard when not needed. It's tiny, light, and easy to carry around in a pocket, just like the Noodle Pi and the mini keyboard.

  • Noodle Key Mini - Bluetooth Keyboard+Touchpad Dock

    After using a prototype Noodle Pi with the micro-keyboard Noodle Key Micro dock for a while, I realized that although it's perfect for quick on-the-go sysadmin things, it's not quite optimal when you want to write text or code really fast. So for that, there's the Noodle Key Mini dock!

    The Noodle Key Mini docks with a folding bluetooth keyboard+trackpad (readily available on Amazon) which, when folded, isn't much bigger than the smaller micro-keyboard+touchpad, yet folds out to a very reasonably sized keyboard that's perfectly suited for working at full speed.

    The Noodle Key Mini dock connects a folding keyboard+touchpad, to enable working at full speed!

    The Noodle Key Mini dock connects a folding keyboard+touchpad, to enable working at full speed!

  • Noodlendo Dock

    But hey.. it's not all work in Noodle Pi land. When all the sysadmin stuff has been taken care of, and all the code, documentation and articles have been committed to their repositories, it's time to let the hair down and shoot up some aliens!

    That's when we pop on the Noodlendo dock!

    The Noodlendo dock connects a NES game controller. Take that you %$^&# aliens!

    The Noodlendo dock connects a NES game controller. Take that you %$^&# aliens!

Noodle Pi Kit

One Noodle Pi kit, with 3D printed shell and other parts to put together your own Noodle Pi. Note that you will need to purchase the electronic components separately. No soldering required for assembly.


Currently unavailable

Pre-Assembled Noodle Pi Kit

A full, pre-assembled, tested Noodle Pi complete with all components. With either a Non-W Pi Zero or a Pi Zero W inside, as you prefer.


Out of stock